5 things you should know about the Pink Rickshaw in Jaipur

ACCESS Development Services (A section 25 not-for profit company) have come up with the new initiative of ‘Pink City Rickshaw Company’. With this initiative you no longer have to deal with the hepped up pricey tourist guides. You can enjoy a luxurious meandering drive in the old city and be a part of a unique initiative to improve livelihood opportunities for the women of the city. Here are 5 things you should definitely know about it.

1.Who are they and who drives it?

Pink City Rickshaw Co. is an ACCESS Development Services initiative, which will have 200 smart, enthusiastic, well trained women, all from the slums and  low income areas of Jaipur (India) driving this e-rickshaw in the pink city of Jaipur.  The initiative shall work as a social enterprise. The Pink City Rickshaw women drivers will be smartly uniformed and will  have undergone an intensive training in in e rickshaw driving as well as social skill development.


2. What is so unique about the rickshaw?

The rickshaws are custom designed, styled on the lines of a royal  buggy and will be very attractive to any tourist who wants to visit the walled city of Jaipur and experience the medieval charms of the pink city. The compact and comfortable  e-rickshaws have been modified  to add  a collapsible canopy and ergonomically designed seats, mechanical improvement for greater safety  and also offer a locker for safekeeping of belongings of the clients, a mobile charger, water bottle/ newspaper holder , city maps and so on. All of these electric rickshaws are eco-friendly and shall greatly contribute in bringing down the growing pollution levels of the city.


3. What do you get?

The e rickshaws  will be running on a  pre-marked tours , the details of which will be provided to the customers before they begin their journey. They can choose between the curated tours, all  ranging between 3-4 hours or can customize it specially upon request. An app, IVRS with marked routes will be the added advantage available to the clients soon, but more importantly, create a secured system of operation for the women drivers ( who after some time we aim to train further as guides and tour leaders ) as they are entering a completely male dominated profession.


4. How it helps?

Pink City Rickshaw Co. seeks the triple bottom line – provide a new livelihood source and economic empowerment for young women from marginalized backgrounds, establish a profitable a public limited company with equity participation by the women and offer an eco-friendly option to address the problem of growing emission in the city. All the 200 women drivers will own equity in the Pink City Rickshaw Co., helping to build their social capital and will be future owners.


5. Whom to contact for a booking?

A ride/tour through the city with PCR can be booked via their Facebook page and will cost anything around Rs 1,500–Rs 3,000 for 2–4 hrs. You need to book 24 hours in advance to get a suitable slot.

Contact: +91   8233406070 / 7357953705/ 9711114232

Email Id: siddharth@accessdev.org / radhika@accessdev.org

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